How to Be Multi-Orgasmic

Satisfaction Guaranteed… Again And Again

Ready to take your sex life to the next level? Two words: multiple orgasms. The fact is that women’s bodies were designed to be multi-orgasmic. That’s right, satisfaction again and again – and again – can be yours. Here’s how to get into the right mindset, train your body and enlist your current or future partner to maximize this woman-only perk…

As the saying goes, sex is like pizza. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, well, it’s still pretty good.

Multiple orgasms can make sex that delicious, deep-dish, never-gonna-forget-it experience. (Disclaimer: No woman should feel pressured to have multiple orgasms, so don’t stress out about it.)

As Dorian Solot, sex educator and co-author of I Love Female Orgasm (Marlowe & Company, 2007), puts it: “Some women's bodies have multiple O's more easily than others, so while some have surfed waves of orgasms from the very first time, others need some extra advice to learn how. Women's sexual responses vary so dramatically – what comes easily to one woman may be quite a struggle for another.”

Know Thyself (and Thy Orgasm Ability)
While some women can achieve multiple orgasms without a road map, the majority of women need directions to the path of recurring bliss.

Masturbation is the starting point on your journey, according to Solot. “Learning through masturbating can be so empowering,” she says. “Once you've done it on your own, you become confident that your body can do this, and then you bring that confidence the next time you want to try it with a partner.”

Masturbation offers three benefits. First, you learn about what you need to reach orgasm. Second, you get your body into the groove of having orgasms regularly. And third, you discover your orgasm threshold – the wonderful moment when you are on the brink of orgasm but haven’t gone over the edge. Usually we don’t notice this moment because we are so excited about what’s going to happen next. But pay attention – it’s the key to experiencing multiple orgasms.

To recognize your orgasm threshold during masturbation, pay attention to your arousal level from start to finish. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being totally unaroused and 10 as your orgasm. Don’t worry if you go over the edge a couple of times; it will give you a good sense of your level 10.

Next time, as you get up to a level 7 or 8, try to bring your arousal back down to a 4 or 5 by breathing deeply or by changing the stimulation. Don’t let your arousal wane too much; stay in an aroused state for several minutes, going back and forth between feeling highly aroused and less aroused.

When you’ve done this a couple of times, you will have discovered those waves of pre-orgasmic bliss that most women experience but don’t necessarily notice during partner sex. You’ll also have tuned in to the subtle differences in your arousal level, which you’ll need later.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Now it’s time to actually experience multiple orgasms. You can do this with a partner, but you’ll increase your confidence level if you do it on your own first.

It can be helpful to incorporate a vibrator or, if you want, a dildo. Vibrators tend to make orgasms easier for most women to achieve. If you don’t normally use one, practice until you’re comfortable.

Then masturbate, drawing out your arousal as you have before. After you orgasm, give yourself a few seconds, but don’t let your arousal drop off completely. Try some indirect stimulation of the genitals, like rubbing the general area instead of directly touching the clitoris.

“The number one thing I hear women complain about is that after one orgasm, their clitoris gets too sensitive for any more stimulation,” Solot says.

“There's a simple solution to that one: Many women are surprised to find that if they give their clitoris a short break after the first orgasm – say, ten or twenty seconds or a minute – and then start the stimulation again, the period of hypersensitivity passes quickly. Then they can keep going and have another orgasm.”

Depending on the type of stimulation you like, a vibrator or a dildo can come in handy here. Experiment with what feels good. Whatever you do, don’t let your arousal fall off completely, because you will enter the resolution phase of the sexual response cycle, which is what prevents men from having multiple orgasms.

Coming Together?
Why are women multi-orgasmic while men are one-shot wonders?

Blame it on Mother Nature. The female sexual response cycle is incredibly fluid. A woman can go from arousal to orgasm and back again with many stops in between. A man generally goes from low arousal to high arousal to orgasm and then has a refractory period in which he physically can’t orgasm again for hours or, sometimes, days.

However, most men are more than happy to accompany you on your multi-orgasmic journey.

“To a guy, multiple orgasms are like all-you-can eat blueberry pie or like scratching off a winning lottery ticket, and then doing it again, and again... why would you ever stop?” says Solot’s co-author and partner, Marshall Miller. “Since most guys can't do it themselves, at least they can take vicarious pleasure in watching.”

That’s good news, because your partner plays a big part in the recurring pleasure process. A woman’s best chance for multiple orgasms comes when her partner puts himself – or at least his orgasm – second.

His job is to provide what we normally think of as foreplay, but with an orgasm at the end. Good manual or oral stimulation before intercourse is usually the route by which women achieve multiple orgasms.

In fact, a pre-intercourse orgasm increases the chances that you’ll get there during intercourse, since the pressure is off for both of you.

Just remember – and remind him, if necessary – that most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during intercourse, whether for the first, second or ninth time.

Most important: If you think you can, you can. Hold onto the mindset you’ve learned when masturbating.

Finally, remember that multiple orgasms are the cherry on top of the sundae. If you have them, great. But they’re certainly not required to make sex spectacular.


SimpleSue77 said...

Wow, what great article! I am not a freak, I was worried that I may have an over active sex drive, as I can achieve multiple orgasms...Thanks for resting my heart that I am normal...

Anonymous said...

good to know, iwas feeling sort of a freak,especially when my partner complained i was too greedy. i enjoy multiple orgasms and can last 4 hours i feel good about this be cause im 52 yrs old and feel like im 20yrs old again.how can i convince my partner this isnot an oddity? sometimes,feel freaky

Anonymous said...

Hi. After being sexually active for 28 years, my wife experienced her first multi-orgasm last week. During foreplay, I gave her her first through oral and fingeral stimulation. This has been the 'normal' since we first starting enjoying each others bodies 25 years ago. (Only once has she reached a 'vaginal' or 'g-spot' orgasm (with ejaculation), after a seven month forced separation).

I've (finally) convinced her to start stimulating her clitoris during fornacation. Last week, I was wearing a steel penisring, and the tip of her vibrator was resting against the ring, while the shaft of it was resting against her clitoris.

I've never seen anything like the result we achieved. She had four distinct orgasms, one after the other, after which time I couldn't hold out any longer, and reached my own release.

I collapsed beside her and whispered sweet in her ear. She was breathing very heavily with her eyes closed. She didn't respond to anything I whispered to her.

About five minutes later, she 'came to' and told me that she thought she had passed out.

She told me that she could feel the vibrations along the entire length of my penis, and while the first (oral) orgasm was the strongest, the serial-orgasm was the sweetest she's ever experienced.

I'm really looking forward to the next time and hope she is too! It sure gave me the macho "super lover" feeling, haha.

HornyBaysideCouple said...

Friday the 23rd of Oct, 2009.

I've been a wonderful lady for the last year and her sexual prowess just continues to amazes me! Just tonight whilst we were making love she experianced 5 in row powerful orgasims in a row over a 15 minute duration whilst being on top of me! I just wanted to her to come and come again as she was concerned that I had'nt climaxed. I don't want wish in any way to sound boastful of my lovely parters achievements tonght, but I just had to share this experiance with like-minded people on this web site blog. Are ther any other couples out there who can report similiar experinances with thier female partner. Regards, very satisfed PnK xx

Anonymous said...

I had a girlfriend that was multi orgasmic and it was awesome. She even had the ability to hold her orgasm until I was ready. I never knew a woman could do this. I got so much pleasure from this That After awhile, I didn't care about my orgasm....only to watch her ....I wish ALL women were like this.......g

Anon said...

I had a great series of orgasms last night with a new partner. He is much older than me, and he was fantastic. I have had multiples in the past with one or two different partners, and it was great to do it again.

I don't think I do anything different to have multiples. My thoughts and actions are about the same as other nights. The key seems to be what HE does, particularly not quitting - just continuing to grind and touch and come after me (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

I am 37 years old and have been multi orgasmic since I was about 15. I first started by having 4-5 orgasms in a row. Now I can orgasm 30+ times in a period of about 20mins. My partner of 8yrs loves 2watch me loose myself 2wave after wave of bliss & I feel both very lucky & greedy at the same time. I wish my man could feel the sweet sense of pleasure I feel when I am so lost within myself I can't see anything around me. So sweet it is to be multi orgasmic.